Do you have a car you don't need and want to get rid of? Is this car in Fort Worth?

Then you've found the right place. Get an offer in just 5 minutes with one call.  

Every offer that we make is guaranteed, meaning that we won't show up to pick up your car and offer a lower amount than what was agreed on. Many car buyers in Fort Worth will quote you a price and then re-evaluate cars when they arrive for pick up. We are firmly against this practice. We believe you should know exactly what you're receiving before we arrive, so we don't waste your valuable time and cause you any frustration. Fort Worth Sell Car for Cash also provides free towing from anywhere in Fort Worth, so you don't have to worry about getting your car to us. We make selling cars easy and straightforward - as it should be.

Have an old or beat up car that you are looking to get rid of? Fort Worth Sell Car for Cash is the NUMBER ONE buyer of junk and extra cars and trucks in the Fort Worth area. Fort Worth Sell Car for Cash is a full service junk vehicle buyer, and is always there to help you clear your yard or driveway of those cars and trucks that you have been meaning to get rid of for quite a while. We know that sometimes it just isn’t worth it to fix that 15 year old SUV and try to sell it yourself, that’s why we specialize in taking care of that for you. Call (817) 318-6396 today and get a no obligation cash quote and clear your driveway and your mind.

 What kinds of cars do we purchase?

Easy! We buy any cars. That's right, it doesn't matter what condition it's in, the make, model, type of car, or anything else. We'll get you the absolute most money possible for any car.

  • Junk Cars
  • G‌ently Used Cars
  • ‌Trucks
  • Vans
  • ‌Rusted Cars
  • ‌Totaled Cars
  • SUVs
  • ‌Wrecked Cars
  • ‌Cars That Won't Start / Drive